• YMM was Awarded
    by NAEA for the Outstanding Contribution
    to Art Education
    Chicago, the USA

  • Scenery Oil Painting
    Class on
    Washington DC, the USA

  • Animation Study Tour
    in Ghibli Museum
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Graduation Dinner at YMM ART ACADEMY Class of
    Fashion Design
    Paris, France

  • Wool collage artworks
    in DIY Handcraft Workshop
    Beijing, China

  • Students in YMM ART ACADEMY
    Washington DC, the USA

  • Mr. Wu Qingji, vice-chancellor of Taiwan Normal University visited YMM in Xinbei
    Taiwan, China

  • Opening ceremony of YMM ART ACADEMY
    Art Festival
    Toronto, Canada

  • Art My Family
    Shenzhen, China

  • Tysons Corner In
    The Spring
    Washington DC, the USA

  • Paperhorse Family in Bologna Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition
    Shanghai, China

  • Neo-classical drawing courses in the
    National Museum of American Art
    Washington DC, the USA

  • YMM students’ works won prizes and were exhibited in Berlin
    Berlin, Germany

Every day, all sorts of different art activities are happening in every campus in YMM.

  • Animals Have Gone Forever


    The real art not only brings visual enjoyment but gives people enlightenment of the mind. Art originates from life, which condenses beauty and magnifies cruel side as well. T...

  • Student Ashley from YMM has been...


    At present, the artwork of Ashley from YMM Art Space was chosen in the 4th Greater China Illustration Awards held by Hong Kong Illustration Association. After a fierce compet...

  • YMM was Awarded by NAEA for the ...


    The 2016 NAEA National Award Ceremony was held in Chicago on March 18, 2016. With more than 5,000 attendees and delegation members from art universities, schools, institutes ...

  • YMM was On the Top of South Pole


    Mr. Oliver the principal of Wuhan branch climbed the highest peak of Antarctica---Vinson Massif. The flag of YMM was waving in the breeze.


Every student in YMM can be a master in the future!

Will he be a future disruptor of the fashion indus...
  • Ruiping He: How did ...
  • Linxi Zhu: YMM makes...
  • Liu Sijia,A Young A...
  • LIU lu,form YMM to ...
  • Mai Weitong, from YM...
  • Yoyo, from YMM to Lo...
  • An architecture stud...
  • Tian Tian, from YMM ...
  • Hu Jiantao, A Young ...

We appreciate any advices and recommendations!

  • The works completed in 14 classes can be called artworks. My baby shall be in intermediate class at next semester. Come on, my sweet baby.



  • Thanks to teacher Dai and YMM, My baby made a great progress after four-month learning.


  • My baby created Dragonfly Modeling yesterday. He drew and cut the wings, then pinched the body, painted the grass. All by himself!  Almost every YMM class is a blend of various materials. We really like that! The child in this age is very fond of it.

  • My baby has a great time in YMM. Art is everywhere around us. Let’s find beauty and create beauty.


    My child once had a stomachache after school, but he took a piece of paper and started to draw. It seems painting is a way to cure discomforts.



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