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YMM was On the Top of South Pole



Mr. Oliver the principal of Wuhan branch climbed the highest peak of Antarctica---Vinson Massif. The flag of YMM was waving in the breeze.



The Vinson Massif is standing proudly above the Antarctic snowland as if it is born in the clouds. How great the power of nature and the amazing beauty are.


It is a supreme honor to have dreams shining on the top of Antarctic snowland and just like YMM’s mission: to advance civilization through the power of art.


From Washington to Toronto, Paris to Mumbai, advanced teaching philosophy, innovative teaching methods and professional teaching faculty always occupy the commanding heights in art education. Thanks for the trust of YMM learners and student’s parents, your kind accompany also witnesses the progress of YMM Art Education.


A lonely shadow together with perseverance throughout the journey support him to plant flags on the Antarcitic pole and highest peak. Just like Oliver said “the exploration to each pole is actually the exploration to the mind”. We will see more footprints of YMM pursuing the ultimate.


2016 A More Wonderful YMM.



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