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Animals Have Gone Forever



The real art not only brings visual enjoyment but gives people enlightenment of the mind. Art originates from life, which condenses beauty and magnifies cruel side as well. The comparison and great contrast between art and reality can often make people better see their life so as to awake their awareness and make a change.


Every March 3 has been proclaimed the “World Wildlife Day” aiming at reminding people of protecting endangered wildlife. On this March, YMM teachers together with students have an art creation as the theme of “Animals have gone forever”.


Under the guidance of the teachers, the child ages 2-18 performs with different materials and creation methods to give a rebirth for extinct animals and protects endangered wildlife through the power of art. The works exhibited in world large scale art exhibition---National Art Education Association are a big surprise for international art education.



Charmingly naive dodo, smart bluebuck, strong tarpan, soaring great auk, fierce javan tiger...


They once lived on earth as happy as human beings; but now they have gone forever and become an unchangeable cruel reality. With the magic art, these beautiful creatures finally live on a happy life without killing and pain. 


The Bluebuck / Qiaoyun Xie  Age 4 / Miro Class


The Seychelles Giant Tortoise / Yuxuan Hu  Age 9 / Little Fashion Designer Class


The Irish elk / Ke’er Xie Age 11 / Picasso Class


The Javan Tiger / Yichen Nie  Age 14 / Modeling Class


In these works, the cruel reality and the beauty of art are intertwined and form a strong visual impact exciting each visitor’s heart. Most visitors are attracted and touched by these works standing in front for long time. It is art that rouses people’s awareness to protect wildlife.


As a creator for these works, the child of YMM deeply understands the life education while expressing environment protection philosophy by making artworks. How to guide child care for life and grow up through art creation are the problems that an art educator should think.


John an art educator from Washington was quite excited after visiting the exhibition. He expressed that he was shocked by these artworks and he didn’t know such beautiful creatures before seeing these works. It is amazing to educate children to protect wildlife through the way of art.


Art not only brings enjoyment of beauty but also can be a kind of life philosophy. Art encourages people to pursue happiness. The real art can reach the heart of children and guide them to discover the beauty, create beauty, express themselves and make changes.



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