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YMM ‘Paper, but Not Paper’ Swept over the NAEA National Convention



2017 NAEA National Convention was held in New York on March 2nd. More than 7,000 professionals representing art educator, artists, scholars and researchers attended the opening ceremony. Partial exhibitions were opened at 10a.m on March 2nd. The exhibition of YMM ‘Paper, but Not Paper’ attracted visitors’ much attention on that Convention.




With the theme of “The Challenge of Change”, the 2017 NAEA aimed at presenting the research, teaching and innovative achievements of world art education over the past one year. It also highlighted its challenges and benefits when art facing ‘Change’.

Start from 2013, YMM as a professional art institute has been invited by NAEA for consecutive 5 years. Especially, on 2016, the president of NAEA presented the certificate of award in person and recognized YMM for the outstanding contribution to art curriculum development and support of the NAEA mission.

For this time, artworks exhibited in ‘Paper, but Not Paper’ were made by YMM students with different countries, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. They expressed themselves by different paper shapes and ways.




Paper has been experiencing evaluations and challenges while being the medium of recording thought essence and promoting people’s communication since ancient times. Nowadays, paper once again found its importance and shines as a unique medium through children’s hands with its peculiar shapes and colors.

Children used the simplest scraps of paper as the materials and showed people different artworks by using their imaginations. Their magical hands made ordinary or even useless scraps of paper into amazing and fascinating artworks, which made teaching mode of YMM received a lot of attention.





Therefore, the launch of the YMM open class was followed almost immediately by attendees. On March 3rd, Luisa, the director of education in YMM Washington D.C campus, gave a lection on “How to Educate Children on Making Ordinary Paper into Artworks.” She shared YMM curriculums and its teaching philosophy and discussed with all attendees about the internationalization of art education as well.

Through demonstrating teaching achievements and communicating with world art educators and scholars, YMM received professional suggestions from people in international art industry. Every day is a new day facing this changeable world. YMM is growing constantly and sparing no efforts to make contribution to Chinese art education.