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Christ Episcopal School (CES) in Maryland, USA Adopts YMM’s Curriculum System



American time July 30, 2017, Christ Episcopal School (CES) in Maryland, America officially began to adopt YMM’s curriculum system.


Witnessed by student delegates of CES and teacher delegates of YMM Art Space in Washington, D.C., Head of CES Dr. Caroline Chapin and President of YMM Art Education International Group Mr. Moses Wang signed an agreement of in-depth cooperation. According to the agreement, CES will introduce YMM’s curriculum system and hire YMM teachers to give art classes in the school. It means that CES will become one of the curriculum research centers of YMM in the States.


Signing ceremony


The strategic cooperation is of vital significance for both CES and YMM for new development.


YMM has established a systematic and professional art education curriculum system after years of accumulation. YMM had been presented with the “Outstanding Contribution to Art Curriculum Development” certificate at the NAEA (National Art Education Association) National Conference in 2016. YMM attracted wide attention and had benn highly recognized in international art education circle.


YMM curriculum system has been adopted by CES and will provide more American students with systematic, professional and creative art lessons. At the meantime, teaching practices in CES will also make the curriculum system of YMM become more professional and international.



Mr. Moses Wang and Dr. Caroline Chapin are communicating with children at CES


Getting to Know CES

Located in Washington metropolitan area, Christ Episcopal School is a private school which has a history more than 50 years. CES keeps small class system which enables every student to gain full attention from excellent teaching team and makes sure that every student will make unique progresses.




Dr. Caroline Chapin, head of the school, has rich experiences in education management and early childhood studies, and she also works as a research specialist in SERVE funded by American Federal Government. She initiated an experiment called “teaching other subjects in the form of art” in CES, which studied how to encourage students’ imagination by art education, and had gained excellent results.


● Why Does CES Want to Cooperate with YMM?

In 2015, Dr. Caroline Chapin was invited to attend the Sino-American Art Education Forum held by YMM Art Education Foundation. She visited several YMM campuses when attending the forum in Shenzhen and spoke highly of YMM’s education philosophy and curriculum system.


In 2015, Dr. Caroline Chapin is sharing CES teaching model for students of “YMM • CES International Teacher Seminar” in Shenzhen.


Dr. Caroline Chapin is sharing American education philosophy in Sino-American Art Education Summit Forum of 2015.


Invited by Dr. Caroline Chapin, YMM sent Chinese teaching research team to visit CES in 2016. The teaching methods and attentions that paid to and times that spent to every student impressed the YMM team.  YMM then put forward a proposal to combine CES’s teaching advantages with YMM’s curriculum system, which happens to meet the needs of Dr. Caroline Chapin. Dr. Caroline Chapin accepted YMM’s invitation with pleasure to be an international tutor for YMM and committed herself to mutual cooperation.


The in-depth cooperation between CES and YMM will bring more professional art education experience to children all around the world and give more possibilities for their lives.