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2017YMM Global Classroom Layout Competition Has Officially Begun.



Every YMM classroom is a unique art space, which integrates aesthetics, creativity and multi-culture and gives children the opportunity to create in a creative environment! Every year, YMM will hold a Classroom Layout Contest. And teachers will plan according to the characteristics of the course, and complete the overall design and all the details in person!




At present, the 2017 YMM Global Classroom Layout Competition has officially begun. This year's classroom layout takes “Waste Mobilization” as the theme. Teachers will get inspiration from life, and use waste materials for art creation in accordance with the philosophy of environmental protection and re-innovation.



Mr. Moses Wang, the founder of YMM, once said: "Everything except for dusts can be our materials for art creation." Through the creative layout of the classroom, YMM team will pass on the idea of environmental protection and creative thinking to children through an artistic way.


The teachers of YMM from all over the world have already begun to design plans, and will complete all arrangements in September, which will give children a mysterious surprise!