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YMM Art Education International Group is an international and professional art education organization that was founded in 2005. The Group owns a range of subsidiaries, including YMM Art Academy, YMM Children's Art Gallery, YMM Art Education Research Institute, and YMM Art Academy International Preparatory Program. While the Research and Development Headquarters are located in Washington D.C. and Shenzhen, there are also teaching centers established across the globe in Toronto, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan and many other cities.



Education Philosophy: To Enlighten Wisdom by Art.

It is the core philosophy and value of YMM Art Education. To develop appreciation ability through aesthetic discipline training; to improve imagination and creation through innovative training; to obtain an intellectual life by cultivating aesthetic and creative capability.


Teaching Goal: To Guide All Children to Live an Intellectually and Culturally Enriched Life.

Every Child should have a systematic aesthetic education in their growth period regardless of whether the child will be an artist as his or her career. Meanwhile, aesthetic education can cultivate child’s aesthetic ability and personal accomplishment. There is nothing better than art education to foster a child’s creative thinking ability. The child with creative thinking ability is more likely to succeed in whatever fields. Let’s make a better future by using the power of art.


Teaching Philosophy: Pioneer, Happiness, Wisdom

Pioneer, Experiment, Exploration, Innovation; Happiness, Freedom, Caring, Joy; Wisdom, Enlightenment, Creativity, Transcendence.



Working Philosophy: An art teacher needs to be an artist first.

YMM is trying to provide art teacher with individual creation space like providing an individual art studio. We firmly believe an excellent teacher needs to be an art artist first.


Life Advocation: Life Before Work

Only under healthy living condition, can beautiful and passionate works be created, positive and excellent performance be performed, and becomes more popular among students as well. YMM advocates “enjoy the process of making art”. Being an artist is actually a high-end life style other than bringing happiness to people.