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YMM currently has over 1000 teachers graduated from top art schools worldwide and they are artist, animator, fashion designer, art educator. Continuous culture exchange and combination keep the teaching methods of YMM advanced and energetic. 



Lead Teacher Team

Our Lead Teacher Team is made up by international lead teachers and academic teachers. Every member is a top art educator in many academic areas. The fusion of different countries, nations and cultures is the reason why YMM Lead Teacher Team is international, diversified and advanced. They contribute a lot for YMM teaching principles and practices.

Teaching Director Team

Experienced Teaching Directors are in every YMM centers. According to their knowledge of teaching theory and children psychology, they guide and manage teachers’ work. For a better and right teaching result, YMM Teaching Directors also organize regular trainings. They provide the creative & specific guidance for YMM Teaching Team.


Teaching Team

All teachers of YMM Teaching Team are full-time. The way and time they work are just like in universities. YMM teachers are always responsible and delicate themselves to art education. They are not only teachers, but also artists. They reject falling into a rut. YMM teachers are creative and enthusiasm in classrooms.