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The National Art Education Association (NAEA) National Convention, which is considered as the “Academy Awards ceremony” in the field of art education, was held in Chicago on March 18, 2016 (CST). Witnessed by thousands of art education experts and researchers, YMM had the honor to be presented with the “Outstanding Contribution to Art Curriculum Development” plaque by NAEA president Patricia Franklin. YMM’s achievements have attracted wide attention in international art education circle.



YMM was born out of a story of love and dreams.


Many years ago, a young artist couple wanted to find a place for their 4-year-old daughter to learn drawing. They visited many small and large art training institutions, and in the meantime called on those hearsay “famous teachers”. But the results were disappointing.


Early childhood art education institutions back then were like a puddle of loose sand. Most of them were stuck in rigid education models with chaotic, shabby teaching environment. Many teachers offered classes as family workshops based on their limited experience and personal preferences. They cared little about the cultivation of children’s personality and creativity. Even worse, they completely ignored the roles of systematic education and curriculum system. The couple was very worried about the situation as they knew the importance of art education for children’s life and for the future world in which human beings would survive.


So the young couple decided to establish an early childhood art education institution with multi-culture, global vision, and high standards for their little girl and other children who loved art just as their child did. To this end, YMM came into existence in 2005! “YMM” was taken from the mother’s pen name as an artist. “To guide all children to live an intellectually and culturally enriched life” was identified as YMM’s pedagogical goal. Later on, people with great ideals and common visions flocked to this affectionate community.


After years of development and accumulation, YMM has grown to be an international and professional early childhood art education brand. Now it has a range of subsidiaries, including YMM Art Academy, YMM Children’s Art Gallery, YMM Art Education Research Institute, and YMM Art Academy International Preparatory Center, with the Research and Development HQ in Washington, D.C. area and Shenzhen, and global centers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and other cities.


YMM currently has tens of thousands of students ages 2-18, worldwide. A great number of students from YMM are admitted to Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA), School of Visual Arts (SVA), School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Tama Art University, École de La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, The Russian Academy of Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), and other prestigious art colleges and universities for further studies and future careers. Although many other students do not work in the field of art when they grow up, they have gained outstanding creativity and taste to become distinguished members of the society.


From finding a free art space for just one kid to setting “To advance civilization through the power of art” as the ultimate mission, YMM has developed into a well-known early childhood art education group with aesthetic philosophies, creative spirits, and modern management concepts.