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A perfect model has to be designed, but how?

These are four key elements:




By integrating the four elements, we build the foundation of YMM's Curriculum System



Three layers of Our Curriculum based on the Angiospermae Principle, Multiculturalism.


Aesthetic Rules——the first layer

To cultivate a great taste in interests and aesthetic habits. We have divided aesthetic education into 16 different aspects and put them in separate classes. Through art appreciations, painting practices and other accesses, students will master the principles of aesthetics and get into an aesthetic habit. (games with dots, games with lines, games with shapes, recognitions and games with colors, recognitions and games with contrast colors, recognitions and games with warm and cool colors, compositions, three-dimension, associations, reverse thinking, expressing emotions, experiences with new media, capture of random events, performing art, exotic art, and manifestation of themes)


Creative Skills——the second layer

To improve the skills of innovation and problem solving and to get into the habit of creative thinking. Invention and innovation is the driving force of human progress as well as the most important embodiment of an individual’s abilities.


Multi-Culturalism——the third layer

To form a peaceful and tolerant mind. We have several exotic cultures themed courses taught by teachers from Europe, America, Russia, Japan, West Asia, Arab and so on. They will be teaching art classes with features of their own cultures. We also have several other courses apart from art, such as Sinology, Etiquette, Global art and culture appreciation, etc., in hope that our students will have broader views.