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YMM’s art curriculum is an advanced and scientific art education system highly regarded by renowned educators worldwide. YMM is recognized by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) for its “outstanding contribution to art curriculum development”.


The system is designed for students ages 2-18 by YMM Art Education Research Institute (YAERI) with the spiral approach in teaching, based on students’ ages, physical and psychological development, personality traits, and goals.



Required Courses——specifically designed for students at different mental ages, who will grasp aesthetic appreciation and creative thinking.


Micro Class (Age 2)

An enlightening art class for children and parents. It is designed to stimulate children’s interest in art and raise their social awareness.


Miro Class (Age 3)

A relaxing and pleasant class designed for introducing art to children. The aim is to cultivate children’s interest in arts and enhance their hands-on ability.


Spring Paddy Class (Ages 4-5)

The class gives children opportunities to experience art in various forms and explore art with different materials. The goal is to unleash children’s creativity and build their self-confidence.


Picasso Class (Ages 6-9)

Children learn aesthetic rules through artistic creation.


Elementary Modeling Class (Ages 10-16)

A class aims at encouraging students with innovation and professional skills.