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Elective Courses——Based on diversified visual arts, elective courses place greater emphasis on building personality and interest, and encourage students to show their talents.



Portfolio Class (Ages 10-16)

Elite class for future artists with the support of YMM Scholarship.


Little Fashion Designer Class (Ages 6-16)

A class combines creativity and practicality for students interested in fashion design. 


International Animation Class (Ages 8-16)

Professional animation class with a global perspective.


DIY Arts and Crafts Class (Ages 6-16)

Stereoscopic aesthetics, materials application, logic thinking, motor coordination, and learn for fun.


Chinese Painting Class (Ages 6-16)

Traditional Chinese ink wash painting.


Chinese Calligraphy Class (Pen and Ink for Ages 5-15; Chinese Brush for Ages 6-16)

A creative and joyful class that aims at teaching Chinese pen and ink calligraphy and Chinese brush calligraphy.


International Art Class (Ages 8-16)

The class focuses on the instruction of international artistic concepts with English as the teaching language.


Color Studio (Ages 6-16)

Professional training class for students to learn the aesthetics of color.


Adult Painting and Drawing Class (Over Age 16)

Achieving self-cultivation and recreation through art with free choices in courses.