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Featured Programs——YMM provides students with intriguing programs that allow them to have more choices for holidays and after-school times.



Summer Training Camp (Ages 2-18)

Summer Training Camp offers interesting and enjoyable theme-based curriculums to students. Expanded from the spring semester with various course content, the camp has a high density and long duration. Students therefore can engage in large-scale art creations, enhance their artistic expression, and improve their drawing techniques.


Winter Training Camp (Ages 2-18)

Winter Training Camp offers intriguing theme-based curriculums to students so that they can complete complex themed creations. It is an extension of fall semester’s courses with various course content so that students can cultivate their critical thinking while studying artistic expression in a deeper, happier, and more absorbed way.


Spring Break Camp (Ages 2-18)

This full-time theme-based curriculum is enjoyable and fun. Set in early spring, the camp satisfies children’s interest and curiosity about art through many group creations and art games. Students will visit assorted museums and creative art venues, to improve their artistic appreciation.


Outdoor Sketch Camp (Ages 4-18)

This professional training camp focuses on enriching drawing and sketching experience and cultivating creativity. YMM teachers will take students to distinctive areas with beautiful scenery, so that students will enhance their insight and expression about landscapes, historic sites, architecture, streetscapes, animals, and plants.


After-school Art Class (Ages 4-12)

Combining childcare and arts teaching, the class provides children with a proper way of spending after-school time during weekdays, and ensures that they have a pleasant after-school life.


Art Party

At YMM, we share our happiness in art creation with each other. You can reserve an art birthday party for your children, or bring their friends, to create artworks of their own.