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Special Program——YMM provides students with intriguing programs that are special and rich in content. Students can choose their favorite programs for holidays and after-school times choices in courses. 



Summer Training Camp(Age 2-18)

Summer Training Camp is a special training camp that offers interesting and enjoyable theme-based curriculums to students.


Winter Training Camp(Age 2-18)

Winter Training Camp is also designed to offer interesting theme-based curriculums to students.


Spring Break Camp(Age 2-18)

A full-time theme-based curriculum which is enjoyable and interesting. Spring break is a vocational period in early spring which is also known by names such as March break and study break in North America. 


Outdoor Landscape Sketch Camp(Age 4-18)

A professional training camp which focuses on the enrichment of painting experience and the cultivation of children’s creativity. 


After-school Art Class(Age 4-12)

Combining childcare service with art education, the class provides children a proper way of spending after-school time on weekdays, which can make sure that they will have a pleasant after-school life.


Art Party

At YMM, we share our happiness in art creation with each other. You can reserve an art birthday party for your kid, or bring your friends to participate in YMM’s creative and artistic parties to create a master piece of your own.