Weitong Mai, from YMM to London




Although regarding herself playful as well as half-hearted, Weitong Mai is surprisingly devoted to painting.


Having a great passion for graffiti since very young, Weitong started to study with YMM since 2008 and attended classes including International Animation Class and Cica Kopf Basic Modeling.


As one of the most brilliant students at YMM, now 20-year-old Weitong is an Illustration student at University of the Arts London Camberbwell College of Arts. She has also received offers from School of Art Institute of Chicago, Maryland Institute College of Art, Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


Weitong’s works involves various styles: some are colorful and others black and white; some are neat portraits and some sophisticated sketches. When talking about genres, she mentioned that she would keep an open mind and try not to restrict herself within a definitive style.Painting for her is as simple as a way of visualizing her moods as well as her thoughts.



She prefer not to have a boundary for her works. When she attended her first portrait class, she had difficulties drawing human body, but gradually she grasped the ways of depicting muscles and skeletons and learned how to balance the hard and soft, light and shadow.It is a result of 16 months’ trying and 1452 pieces of drafts.


I suppose this is a reason why she sets herself no boundary. We all have possibilities and potentials to be discover. You’ll never know if you don’t try enough.


Weitong regards painting as a way of expressing herself and according to her teacher, she is particularly diligent. She carries her workbook with her all the time: she draws when she is in a good mood, when she is waiting for planes or when she is traveling. Her workbook is her diary and now she has a bunch of them.


She also seldom name her works. She says, they are always the moods I want to express: they have no names.


Her works are just like her stage name: Wild Wheat. She is born to be a wild painter and she never stops looking for the meaning of painting and life on her journey.


Hand painted diary



Get the IB advanced fine arts students (2013)
Works to participate in the IB Higher Fine Arts Students Graduation Exhibition (2013)
British Columbia Canada Art Association Annual fine art students and won the annual Scholarship (2013)


Comments from YMM teacher

Weitong Mai is an extremely gifted student with a unique personality. She is also very diligent and she seems to be drawing all the time. Her paintings are her ways of exploring the unknown world. Her works are profound and often a reflection of her willing to challenge the world. Expertise should not be the only marking criteria when evaluating her works. I wish her a bright future and hopefully she will achieve more than she expected in London.


Comments from the parents

Weitong has been fond of drawing and painting since very young, but she hadn’t been taught systematically until we found her a suitable teacher and school. In 2008, she took a class with YMM in Children’s Palace and was greatly inspired by the institution’s progressive philosophy, competency-based instructing methods and superb standard of teaching. She was firmly determined in establishing a career in arts afterwards. I feel very much grateful for YMM helped children with talents to pursuit their dreams.


Comments from Weitong Mai

Both the teaching methods used and the classroom decorations helped to create a relaxing atmosphere in YMM. Teachers are also our friends. The fact that there is not many limitations here in YMM makes it possible for me to unveil the things I genuinely want to draw.