Yoyo, from YMM to London




Yoyo Yeung, aged 19, is now a student in University of Arts London. She was one of the best students in YMM. She started to study with YMM in 2005 when she was only nine and stayed with us for 6 years.


Yoyo took classes including International Animation Class and Basic Modeling Class. She enjoyed the teaching methods at YMM very much: teachers often present some interesting illustrations, videos and some of their own works to the class and inspire students to create. Here, teachers never constrain the thoughts of students; instead, they allow them to explore their imagination, express themselves freely and form their own styles. She says,‘every class here was fun: in YMM, our teachers played with us, created with us, and helped me to find my interests in art.’


In the 2008 Chinese Youth Calligraphy and Art Competition, 12-year-old Yoyo won the first prize in Children’s Art Group with the oil painting Hongkong Skyline.


Yoyo says her idol is Michael Jackson and she admires him for he is serious, attentive and cautious. Whenever she feels tired or lazy, she listens to Michael Jackson. She drew this lively caricature of him when she was 12. 


Hongkong Skyline


University of Arts London is one of the European’s biggest institutions in art, design, media and performing art. University consists of six world’s famous art schools and is one of the best art universities in the world. University of Arts London is like the Harvard and the Cambridge in the art world.


When Yoyo is studying at Shenzhen Foreign Language School, she did not give up painting. In the end, she got into University of Arts London Camberwell College of Arts because of her outstanding grades as well as portfolios. Her ambition is to become a freelance illustrator.


Her work Pussy Galore was praised by artists and exhibited and sold at auction in Saint Martin School of Art


Comments from YMM teachers

Yoyo is talented and has a great passion for art. She can control the shapes and colors well. She pays great attention to realistic expression and has a taste in modernism. She has already formed her own style. I hope she can make a breakthrough in London.


Comments from Yoyo’s mom

Ten years ago, I was fully confident that I made a right choice when I sent my daughter to YMM. Today I am very thankful towards Ms Yang Meihong for she was the one who helped my daughter in finding her interests in art. Many students went from YMM to famous art institutions around the world all because of the brilliant teaching methods they have here in YMM. I hope that YMM will be greater than ever.


Comments from Yoyo

Gratitude is the only word which can be used to describe my feeling for Ms Yang Meihong. You taught me to learn, to create and to think.