Lu Liu,form YMM to Tama Art University




In the teachers’ point of view, one brave girl with unique personality has now grown up. Dedicated as always, she is currently a student in Tama Art University. This short haired cool girl has a beautiful name: Lu Liu.


Lu Liu first came to YMM in 2005. At that time, she was only 10. According to her, YMM had the most beautiful classroom she had ever seen. That was where she started her journey of art. YMM has seen her evolving from an innocent girl with no taught skills in arts to a sophisticated Environment Design student in a distinguished university.



Taught by YANG Meihong herself, Lu Liu is one of the master’s most favorable students. According to YANG Meihong, Lu is a brave girl who dares to achieve anything. She never stops learning or practicing, which is extremely valuable.


A Student in Tama Art University

In 2013, Lu Liu was accepted by Tama Art University, Musashino Art University and Joshibi University of Art and Design, all of which are well-known universities in the world. In the end, Lu chose Tama Art University for it’s the biggest and best art university in Japan, and third best in Asia. She majored in Environment Design, a course involving various disciplines like architecture, psychology, sociology, literature, history and archaeology. Thanks to her profound skills in art, she exceled in most modules.


A part-time art teacher

We learned from Lu’s mother that her study life in university was very busy. Sometimes she didn’t have time to Skype for two or three weeks. The reason behind this was that she took a part time job as an art teacher and gave lectures to prospective students of Tama Art University. Sundays were always the busiest for Lu because she would have to come up with some new ideas and share with the class. When being asked why choosing such a busy lifestyle in university, she replied,’ I can learn a lot from my students. Each class is like a brainstorm exercise and communications generate ideas. This is also a great way of making new friends. I am happy this way.’ It is not hard to tell that Lu is a very modest as well as easy-going person.


A unique way of aesthetic

Lu’s style is a combination of simplicity and fashion: she wants to achieve practicality as well as fashion. Three of her teachers from university spoke highly of her style, ‘Lu has a unique way of aesthetic. She manages to balance the needs for overall beauty and attention to details.’ Some of her works have been selected and published on the university website as ‘works of reference’ for other students to consult.



Special Features

Lu Liu’s works are very unique. The spaciousness of her works reflects her thoughts about the future and her understandings of abstract elements. Her works are full of imagination: they give us a glimpse of her artistic conceptions. She is also good at handling colors and her compositions are fun too.


Comments from YMM teachers

Lu Liu is a brilliant student with great passion and lots of ideas. She has excelling skills in painting, modeling and coloring. I am very much pleased seeing her growing up gradually, discovering her true self and finding confidence in painting.


Comments from Lu’s Mother

We’d been looking for the best art institution in Shenzhen ever since Lu started to paint. When my friend told me about YMM, I thought we should give it a try but I didn’t hold my expectations high. However, to my surprise, Lu enjoyed her time here very much and made great progress. Seeing her happy was the most comforting thing. I feel grateful that teachers here at YMM made great effort to help Lu. Teachers here encourage students to make their own designs and broaden their minds.


Comments from Lu

YMM is truly an amazing place where you can play as hard as you can and expand your imagination to the full. I am grateful for all the encouragements and guidance the teachers here gave me. For me they are lifetime benefits. I hope that every student here will sense the enjoyment in painting and cultivate a great passion for art.

When Jiantao  HU first came to YMM he was only 9 and so far he has been with us for over 10 years. During this period, he has attended classes including Picasso Young Masters, DIY Handcrafts Workshop, International Animation Class, International Art Class and YMM Academician Studio, etc.