Tian Tian, from YMM to Repin Academy of Fine Arts



This summer, 18-year-old Tian Tian graduated from YMM and was admitted to the world-renowned Repin Academy of Fine Arts. There he is about to start his new life as an artist. Tian Tian hopes that one day he can be an illustrator to depict the beauty in reality and urge people to think about lives at the same time.


preparatory school at Repin Academy of Fine Arts 


Repin Academy of Fine Arts

Repin Academy of Fine Arts is the best institution of art education in Russia. Repin, Suri Co J, Shishkin and many other art masters were once students here. This institution had great impacts on many great art academies in China. Tian Tian is currently studying at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts preparatory school. Next year he will be majoring in Printmaking.


Repin Academy of Fine Arts


Motto – Details form a whole

Tian Tian grew up liking small things, especially patterns of animal bodies. He often spent time at his grandparents’ house observing small animals. Once he went to catch a small lizard and got bitten by it. But he was not afraid or anything, but kept observing the patterns of the lizard.


Tian Tian pays great attention to details. He thinks that, like rules, details should always be attended. He says,’ I want to draw a picture which is black and white when observing at a distance but full of delicate patterns when you come closer to look. The process is like a cell division.’


When Tian Tian was only 11, he realized that people cannot be depicted as simple as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. One should not be biased: lightness can be misleading while darkness can sometimes reveal the truth. That was the reason why he created the Black Glory Messenger series. The maid in the picture is guiding mankind with a light of darkness.


Tian Tian likes to think and is a fan of A Brief History of Everything and Origin of Species. He does a lot of philosophical thinking and often ponders upon what’s happening in his life. He asks questions that boys of his age don’t normally ask and this is the reason why his works are usually inspiring.


Wing of Order/Blending


Words from teachers

Tian Tian is unique in terms of consciousness, style and conduct. He is more patient than his peers. He can master lines and shapes well. His works are female oriented. He prefers blue, red and black. His works are very outstanding. He likes to meditate and his works are reflections of his thinking.


Words from parents

In YMM, different phases and levels of training are set to provide a happy and artsy atmosphere for kids who enjoy drawing and painting. Lively and creative teaching methods here allow students to fully enjoy themselves while learning. Art is made a habit here in YMM and I think this habit is a lifetime benefit for our kids.


Words from Tian Tian

YMM is a place where I can learn about making pictures and pursue my dream. I gained a lot of help from my teachers and I gradually found my way in making pictures. Here I feel free, I feel no boundary. We can grow into the way we want and create. I enjoy my time here in YMM. Both my humorous teachers and my cooperative peers made my time here memorable.