Sijia Liu: Young Artist from YMM to UK



Sijia Liu, one of the most outstanding students in YMM, entered YMM Art Academy at the age of 8. She had been attending assorted YMM courses until 16, when she was admitted to the University of Hertfordshire.


Her works are not about visual beauty, but the realness of human nature. She said, "In art, there is no right or wrong; it depends on everyone's imagination and creativity, which is why I love art. Art allows me to express my love and it has become a part of my life!”


Her father on YMM

“YMM let Sijia explore her artistic creativity completely. YMM teachers trained her to be independent, and she won lots of awards. This is all because of teachers’ good guidance. Drawing was only a hobby for her in the beginning, and we did not expect art would be her life's choice. We thank YMM for letting her choose what she likes.”


Sijia on YMM

“YMM feels like a second home after I spent 8 years here. My teachers are also my friends! They are very professional in teaching, and after class we also had much fun. Now I miss them very much!”