Sijia Liu ,A Young Artist from YMM to UK



Sijia Liu, 18 years old this year, is one of the most outstanding students in YMM, she entered YMM Children’s Art Gallery at 8 years old. She took Picasso's master class, Innovative Modeling Class, International animation classrooms, academician YMM studio, until she was 16 years old and began studying in the UK.

Sijia Liu is currently attending the University of Hertfordshire 2D digital animation major; Hertfordshire is famous of animation major, and “Lord of the rings “and” Harry Potter these classic movies are all from Hertfordshire alumni.

Sijia Liu's performance is very good, so that at the beginning of application. University of Hertfordshire only sees her portfolio, no interview. She also got the other four world famous university admission offer.



Her works are very special, preparatory course at the University of the Arts in London Institute of media, a video works of her "my puppet line" was named the best graduation works, get the teacher's praise, the teacher for her comment was: "You come out from comfortable zone completed an unbelievable creation."


University of the Arts in London has the most outstanding art students all over the world, and Sijia Liu's works is still very prominent. During creation, she often feel pain and discomfort, it is the pain and discomfort made her works become deep, her work is not the pursuit of visual beauty, often reveal the real side and deep in human nature.



Sijia Liu is a cheerful and lively student; she made a comic for her teacher "old man wandering”, a funny story. This group of works not only gets the teacher's praise, but also won the Shenzhen junior bronze illustration art contest.


She said, "I like painting since childhood. People always praise my painting how good, but I know I still have a long way to go in art, my work never satisfied me, I will work harder, until one day, I can finally say to myself: This is a perfect work! In art, there is no right or wrong, it depends on everyone's imagination and creativity, which is why I love art. I don't love restrictions, and always have some crazy ideas. Art allows me to express my love and art has become a part of my life!”



2015 London Tenth hype Stereo badge design competition, first prize

2013 the British Cambridge art high school examination subjects in Hong Kong, Highest score

2011 Children's comic book award in China, Gold

2009 "old man wandering" by the Shenzhen Lu art design contest, Bronze

2008 Children's cartoon contest in China, Bronze


Teacher evaluation.

Sijia is a versatile student, love animation! Careless when not painting, but once entered the state of painting, noisy will not affect her. She has lots of painting style. In the creation process, teacher only needs to teach a lot.


Sijia Liu’s father evaluates YMM

At the beginning of YMM study, Sijia has all day long class in the holiday, quickly raise the level of painting. I think YMM's teaching method is very suitable for her. Sijia’s character is that she doesn't love the thing, no one can force her. YMM gave her a free space to play, let her artistic creativity completely inspired out.

8 years studying in YMM is very important for Siiia, she also felt learning a lot. The teacher trained her to be independent. She won lots of awards; this is all because of teacher’s good guidance.At the beginning of learning, painting is just a hobby. We did not expect the art will become her life's choice, which is also very grateful to YMM, so that she can choose her favorite areas!


Sijia Liu’s Evaluation of YMM

8 years studying here, YMM feels like a second home. Teacher is not only a teacher, but a friend! They are very serious about teaching in class, after class we play together and have much fun. Now I miss them very much!