Jiantao Hu: I Am Very Grateful for Studying at YMM



Jiantao Hu first came to YMM at 9 and has been with us for over 10 years. In 2014, Jiantao Hu was accepted by 7 top art colleges worldwide. In the end, he chose to study Illustration in the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where he received a full scholarship.


Chris Ware, a well-known American cartoonist commented, "Jiantao’s works have reached a profound level; his grasps of both details and colors are accurate."


Special Features

Jiantao Hu’s works are lively, fun and full of imagination. One of the work from his portfolio is a series of paintings reflecting on the WWII. Lively figures and profound theme make it difficult to believe that it is a child’s work. He said, “I am enthusiastic towards this series. I’d spent lots of time pondering on this topic, searching for materials. In the end, I chose cartoon to be the form of my art.”


Jingtao on YMM

“It is a very important period here at YMM. I have learned art, drawing skills, and most importantly, creation, so that I get to express my mind through art. I am very grateful for studying at YMM. It guided me to pursue professional art.”