Linxi Zhu: YMM Makes Me Different


Lessons in Little Fashion Designer Class are carefully designed to be unique and interesting with no one class repeated. Linxi recalled her first fashion class, "At that time I had a lot of fun. It was a very interesting class, and even now it still impresses me.” Her works are often dramatic, bold, and full of imagination.


The Paris study tour in 2010 was an eye-opener for Linxi. Later in 2016 she got an offer from Fashion Design of the University of the Arts London, after impressing the admission officers with outstanding academic performance and expressive artworks.


Speaking of future plans, Linxi aspires to continue graduate school, and then get into leading fashion companies. Linxi Zhu is taking every step forward confidently and firmly. The girl coming out of YMM, walked out of small fashion classes and entered into the international fashion arena. She is realizing her dream step by step!