Linxi Zhu: YMM makes me different



First time I met Linxi Zhu, she was this tall and sharp looking lady in black T-shirt with long hair. This cheerful girl burst out lots of laughter while we talked. She was logical and to the point in her talks, filled with passion for art and firm determination of her road ahead.



Not long ago, Linxi just obtained an offer from Fashion Design of the University of the Arts London. She impressed the admission officers with outstanding academic performance and expressive artworks. As a matter of fact, when Linqian was young and studying in YMM fashion design class, she had already found strong Interest in fashion design, especially the textile and fabrics. Her 8 years of study in YMM helped her clearly set her target in the future, which she believes was the biggest gain from YMM.


Her mother was impressed by her determination


Recalls the initial registration of small fashion designer class in YMM, Linxi shared an story: Her mother did not support her to enroll in fashion class initially as she thought it would’ve been better to learn drawing or calligraphy. However, little Linxi stood outside of the fashion classroom, completely attracted by the new and interesting world in it. She loudly said to her mother: "I just want to go in, if you like to buy clothes, why not let me go learn fashion design? "


Looking at her daughter’s determined face, mother agreed to sign Linxi up. Michelle Lin, the founder of the fashion class and her teacher at the time, still remembers Linxi in her first class. Because "she was dressed very special and was the most delicate child in the class." Michelle also remembers the first lesson, which was to create fashion handmade necklace. Linxi: "At that time I had a lot of fun, it was a very interesting class, even now it would’ve impressed me.”


In the fashion class, Linxi was always very active, and her practical ability was also strong. Her understanding and control of colors were very assertive. On a veil she designed, the color gradient from yellow to purple, and such dramatic mix really caught people‘s eyes. It was put on the wall to be shown. After Linxi’s mom saw it when coming to the school, she also began to agree with her daughter’s choice of study in the beginning. "I never thought my daughter can really make such a good work!"


Eye-opened in Paris Study Tour


Lessons in Fashion classes are carefully designed to be unique and interesting with no one class repeated. The teachers’ carefully done samples also gives a lot of inspiration to Linxi, she was getting happier and happier: swan bags, Indian headdress, a small T-shirt and etc. She was very fond of each piece she made using her creativity and own hands. In the process, Linxi generated interest in different fabrics and materials. She likes materials with rich feelings. With crafting skills, making different materials into a new thing makes her very happy. Her works are often dramatic, bold, and full of imagination.


In summer 2010, Linxi attended Paris Study Tour camp led by Michelle. Students visited the famous Paris fashion commune. The president personally introduced the clothing production process and showed students’ works. In Paris, it was fortunate that Linqian ran into exhibition of the famous international luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. The exhibition was only held in New York and Paris, bringing together all the classic designs of the brand. "I was too young to understand at the time, but now I really think that was a super rare opportunity! Masters’ works are really classic." The study tour was an eye-opener for Linxi, and planted a seed in her heart for her future study abroad in Europe.



Design fashion pieces like fine art


In selecting foreign art institutions, Linxi was more in favor of Europe where there is strong artistic atmosphere. "I think the American designs are too commercial and practical for actual applications. British designs are more abstract, the clothes are designed and placed like works in art shows, this is what I like!"


In order to prepare a portfolio for University application, Linxi stayed in her workstation days and nights. Sometimes one piece of work required over one hundred pages of design drawings, and also handmade prototypes. With foundation developed in YMM, she was able to express her creativity with a lot of focus. Her former understanding of fabrics and materials also helped her in working with the material and her performance was better than other applicants. "I feel that the learning and growing experience in YMM makes me very different from other candidates, especially in thinking, creativity and expressions. I am very confident about my works, while others mostly did theirs for the test." Ultimately, Linxi completed five thick portfolios, and her talent and sweats finally gained her admission offer from the UAL.


Speaking of future plans, Linxi does not want to rush into creating a clothing brand of her own. She wants to continue graduate school, and then take the opportunity to learn in the big brands. She made up her mind to not to go for the commercial route, and insist fashion pieces should be designed like fine art.


Determined to study in YMM’s fashion designer class, and found her direction of life in art creation process; admitted into the world’s elite university, began to plan her future and develop unique design concept, Linxi Zhu is taking every step forward confidently and firmly. The girl coming out of YMM, walked out of small fashion classes and entered into the international fashion arena. She is realizing her dream step by step!