Ruiping He: How did I get into the Central Saint Martins



At YMM, she has been always immersed herself in the world of art. She never thought of competing with anyone, nor becoming an artist, nor what future art will bring for her. She simply likes drawing, and continues to create art pieces.


In the world of drawing, she always feel freedom of her soul, enjoying the fun flowing through, from her heart to the tip of the pen. YMM’s pure artistic environment forged this angel-like little artist – Ruiping He. Top art universities around the world were competing to take such a talented artist. This year, she has successful got an offer from Central Saint Martins.



“My name is Huiping He, I got an offer from Central Saint Martins this year. I love art and I really hope I can continue my study in this field professionally. ”


When hearing Ruiping openly and confidently talk about herself and the school she is going , we were really happy for her. All these were not unexpected. Ruiping truly loves drawing, excels in academics, and loves exploring, so this is a confirmation for herself.  Cheerfully, a straight A student like Ruiping who could’ve chosen any program chose to stick with her passion, and to realize it.



Why chose art as the field of study?


When talked about her passion for drawing since young, Ruiping says:” When I was young my parents always ask me to take different afterschool programs to find my interest. Other subjects such as piano were not meant for me. I dedicated to drawing for such a long time, because I really like the feeling of being peaceful when I draw. If I met someone who draws well I would watch him draw for a long time and really wish I can be as good. Later I really admire teachers in YMM as they can draw in an especially relaxed way.


Even it is the same hobby, people can have different reasons to put themselves in it. Ruiping has a particularly pure reason for art and drawing. When she devotedly watched others draw, she must not know that later she would have her own fans.



Unlike some other students, Ruiping’s pursue of art did not come easy. It was not supported by Ruiping’s parent as her parent had different expectations on their straight-A child. Then how did she convince her parents?


Ruiping:“ I talked about becoming an artist when I was young, but I have never got it really clear. As I grew older and understand deeper I found there are many fields within art. If I choose design again there is many branches within design. As I have more understandings, I am hope my decision will not make myself regret. Therefore when it comes to preparing my portfolio, I have determined to continue study in art to be able to work motivated everday. My study in YMM gave me a good foundation and understanding of basis of art. With such strong foundation, I had a great head start and more confidence.”


Luckily, Ruiping gain her parents’ support by her enthusiasm of art, many years of devotion, as well as her outstanding artworks. About to enter CSM, Ruiping is grateful of her parents, and she is motivated to continue her art creation.


My works and portfolio


Ruiping was very excited when talked about her art creation and portfolio: “When I was determined to apply art colleges, the first thing was to find which ones I am applying to. Therefore, I joined CSM’s summer school a year ago to be sure it is the place I want to be. Later I found out what type of students they like from their website, and then I show them my real self accordingly. ”


Chosen graphic design, Ruiping showed her portfolio:” My portfolio is mainly about nature, and in 2D. I was trying to show my personal voice in the entire portfolio. I don’t copy what other people do. Every art creation process is an innovation, as I select, experiment and repeat the process to challenge myself until I am satisfied. What I achieve in the end might be drastically different from what I started. I think this is also what top colleges look for – able to show their thinking process, experiment with multiple mediums, and their courage to challenge. When students show their thinking, admission officers see the possibilities.





Ruiping’s portfolio showed versatile techniques and rich details. When talked about her favorite art piece created, Ruiping who is very good at realistic drawing gave a unexpected answer: “It is something look very different from what I am doing now, it is mainly using lines and shapes to represent sounds. I got the idea from an English girl who was playing impromptu. I used two colors and different types of lines to show the connection of two sounds. Blue is calm and extensive while red is disrupting. There is contrast between the two but together they are harmonious.”


Because of her personality, Ruiping shows outstanding focus in her art creation process. When talked about her state of mind, “ I like being alone, and does not like being disturbed during the creation process, it is really hard to find the flow and idea and sometimes it takes time to get into the flow. Some of my friends like to chat and create together to be relaxed. I believe it is very important to find the way you are most comfortable about.”


Although Ruiping is only 19 year old, in conversations she showed that she is more matured and unique in her compared to her peers. For example she would share her opinions for description of artworks:” I don’t like describing my work. I am more interested in what different people see in my works. Good works talk and sometimes I do not like fixing titles on my artworks.”


Like Ruiping has shared, every artist’s work shows one’s personality and interest in a specific time frame. What one experienced before woud become one’s work. Through her portfolio, we see an outgoing and smart girl is expressing all the good things in her life through, no wonder CSM’s admission officers would comment on Ruiping as follows:” The attitude towards an open ended future is very important. I am very happy to see that you have the courage to try all possibility and admire your inclusivity. It will help you to make friends of all backgrounds and bring you endless possibilities.


Ruiping’s words to young students


It was an honor to be admitted into CSM, and Ruiping has got a lot of attention. However, Ruiping hopes that young students can stick to their unique voices, and develop themselves according to their individual personalities. She always emphasized:” I hope you have chosen art because you truly love it, and not just it is a better way out. I think passion is the one thing that will support you and make you proud. The most important thing is not applying to which college, but the process in between you can fully show yourself and be the best of yourself. Do not regret!


For this child pursuing art, her dream gives her powerful wings. With her determination, we ill see Ruiping shine bright like a diamond.